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Cost and how realistic to have a TDi put into my 1.8T?!

Cossie_boy Oct 26, 2008

  1. Cossie_boy

    Cossie_boy Member

    Hi all,

    I know this is a mad idea, but due to tax and bascially fuel economy, I am thinking about changing my car. Problem being I luv it to bits and know I am gonna be hard pushed to get another car with all the toys!

    Ok, I know maybe things like the TV are not used every day, and parking sensors you dont really need, but, they are still nice to have.

    I wasnt sure if a specialist would of been able to transfer a 1.9 130/150 bhp, or even a later 2.0 140 bhp derv unit into mine, then obviosuly I may have been able to sell my old engine as there is nothing wrong with it.

    If anyone could give any advice, or even a rough cost it would be appreciated.

    I mean, know scanning AT you can pick up TDi Quattros cheaper now as they are dropping, just like everything else these days, grrrr!


  2. themanthatcan

    themanthatcan Member VCDS Map User

    Before you even consider the practicalities of doing the engine swap, how many miles do you do a year? If it's any less than 20k then I wouldn't even bother considering it. The high price of diesel fuel nowadays means that the joys of running a diesel cheaply are all but gone. So that leaves you with the tax saving. How much is that gonna be..£100/year tops (finger in the air guess there!). Considering how much the transplant will cost you to do do you really want to be coughing up a huge chunk of money to save yourself £100/year?

    Sorry but it sounds like a crazy hair-brained idea that will save you very little money in the long run and leave with a nicely specced car with a wheezy smokey diesel engine!!

  3. neil.c

    neil.c Senior

    It sounds like a non-starter to me too, swapping petrol engines is bad enough but to swap from petrol to diesel is just daft. Are the fuel tanks the same, fuel pump, fuel filter fuel lines, ECU, wiring loom, instrument cluster, brake servo, exhaust, emmissions system? The list is almost endless really. I think even if you bought a donor vehicle you would still have a job on your hands.
  4. benr

    benr Member

    Diesel all the way, would find it hard to even think about going back... but id say sell up and look for a good spec tdi... It will cost you stupid money to do this conversion in reality.

    tax is only about 110 a year and can easily achieve 55-60 mpg. But for a conversion you will have increased insurance and possibly issues with tax etc.
  5. recomdos

    recomdos Active Member

    Could you not consider transplanting the other way round? Find a nice tdi that you like, and swap those luxuries across? Maybe that would work out? Granted you may need to buy some replacement parts, but then you could sell your 18T in standard form. Indeed it is a mad idea to swap your engine, though asides from that initial thought I think you'll end up with lots of headaches.

    Best of luck in your decisions :)
  6. Yaz

    Yaz Member

    You might have problems selling it too, peeps after a derv A3 will buy a derv A3 and so on, this might put potential buyers off...

    If you like your car and its spec then keep it and save yourself a load of money, otherwise sell it and get the car you want.
  7. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    It will simply be cheaper to buy a TDI than to go for a transplant, unless you could drop the V10 5.0 TDI from VW Touraeg, then that'd be worth it! :eyebrows:
  8. Caesium

    Caesium My BM is fixed! VCDS Map User

    Not sure if the V10 would fit in there though, might end up with a slightly longer bonnet.... would go like stink though.

    Actually its more likely to rip the front of the car off and leave you sitting in the other half as you watch the front shooting off up the road. Sounds like fun though!!
  9. Aky

    Aky Aky

    Stick the V10 in the boot and make it a mid range 4wd beast. now that would be interesting.
  10. fingermouse

    fingermouse thats me

    also your insurance could go up with the mod, id sell it and buy a tdi if thats what you need.
  11. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Diesel is still way cheaper to run than petrol, full stop. It would have to reach £1.50 a litre with petrol staying at below £1 for you to even be close to correct with the statement above. I'd check your calculator before making such misleading statements, it's not exactly a complicated equation:
    1.8T - 32mpg
    1.9TDi - 48mpg
    So the oil burner will give you over 50% more miles per tank + the tax benefit. It's a no brainer unless you do very very little mileage.
    But yes the transplant idea is pure madness. There are so many bargain TDi's out there now you should almost be able to do a straight swap depending on what you're looking for.
  12. Cossie_boy

    Cossie_boy Member

    Cheers for the replies, yes I must agree, it was just literalluy thinking aloud, 10 years ago we would have probably done it ourselves without thinking twice, but the way technologuy has moved on it would be a nightmare, plus yes im sure factors such as the initial cost, mod insurance and re-sale would outway it.

    I luv the 4 door cars, i guess something someone said there got me thinking, if I got a standarish 4 door TDi Quattro cheap, and swapped the bits all over that could work!

    I have always been a bit nervous of touching seats with airbags though? as would want to swap the leather, hmmm, brining back memories of things not working as they should after swaps, need to think on this one!

    It sounds crazy but I use out Clio 1.5 dci 80 bhp more than the A3 latley, it constantly returns 60 mpg on a recent journwey got 72! So diesel is a defo one for me, I am keen on the Golf TDi 4motion as they are really dropping in price latley, or a later shape A3 2.0 TDi Quattro!

    We shall see! :idea:
  13. A3steve

    A3steve Member

    I was always told - Dont Build a Car you can buy!!

    Swapping interiors isnt difficult so dont let that affect your decision.

    Having owned a 20V Turbo Petrol and now owning a 1.9 TDI - I would never go back.
  14. simch

    simch Active Member

    Far easier to buy a diesle and swap over your nice bits, then sell the despec'd petrol..

    But still an utter waste of time, the cash you will spend doing so will be more than you will save over the next 100k miles !

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