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corrosion warranty frustration !!!

S23 Mar 19, 2013

  1. S23

    S23 Member

    hi guys as as well as myself i have noticed that a few others have been having problems with dealing with audi about the corrosion issues

    i noticed mine began around the end of january that consisted of roof/pillar paint came away due to bubbling under and is like that all the way along on one side
    next was the drivers front wing again you can see it rusted underneath and paint has came away and is also bubbled on the underside
    finally is the boot-lid where is has bubbled in an area and has rusted and started coming off


    so today i got my results and audi have in good will decided that they will do a 70/30 split with me but only on my front wing and they say that i will need to pay them £181
    the roof they say is that paint coming off and its outside in wear and as you can see by the inclosed pictures thats not what is happening its inside out wear
    the boot-lid they tell me this is a stone chip , now i have never seen on any vehicle a stone chip on the back. my car apart from a couple chips on the front is mint as you can see agin the whole area is rusting from the inside out and there are no chips on the back

    i am so angry with the response i got from audi today and that the guy i spoke to on the phone couldn't answer some of my questions i was asking as to why they feel i should have to pay for their warranty that is printed in black and white in the owners manual as it states that it had a 12 year corrosion warranty and as my car is only 9 nears old so therefore it should be down to them to sort this out. and surely this is breach of contract by not sorting it as it says nowhere that a fee may be required ??

    i have tried speaking to the managers but again i get the same responses thats is a goodwill of 70/30 or nothing so if any others have this issue had are going through what i am could you please put your names down and pictures of yours and i am going to print all this off and see that if a group of us will be stronger than just one person alone

    if anyone else wouldn't mine putting their name forward and including pictures for reference i would be very grateful and hope that it can sort this problem for all of us

    Last edited: Mar 19, 2013
  2. @udi A3

    @udi A3 Site Sponsor Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    There was a whole massive thread on this


    I took mine in for the roof a while ago, november iirc, Its rebooked in end of april to have it redone, and also the rear quarter and driver door for rust i didnt notice until Whites detailer looked at the car for correction work. I initially paid the 30% for the roof, but due to the rework needing doing they agreed to redo it and the extra work for free. lets hope they do it right this time!

    IIRC one of the specifics to accepting the claim was no broken paint showing on the outside.
  3. JimC64

    JimC64 Active Member

    This is rife amongst VAG cars.....I suffered the exact same issue on my wifes Passat.

    We have a huge thread about it here......

    Please Help front wing corrosion

    The car is a 53 plate VW Passat and the front wings started to rust from the inside out. This is part of a poor design feature from when the car was new, and probably can relate to yours too.

    I claimed and initially was told it was the paint warranty ( 3 years ) and not covered.

    I fought and they eventually offered 50% good will, further negotiations got them to offer 70% goodwill. After telling them I was not interested in their goodwill and I wanted them to honour their 12 year anti corrosion warranty, we slowly made progress.
    I had to stop just short of taking them to the small claims court and they then coughed for a 100% TOTALLY FREE fix.

    PLEASE PLEASE DO READ the link and all the posts contained within, and follow them to the letter.

    If you do and are prepared to go to the mat, so you don't have to fork £200 - £300 as part of your contribution for something that should be resolved for FREE under warranty, you will win in the end I'm sure.

    Good luck and please stick with it.
  4. T0m

    T0m Active Member

    Im a bit annoyed the numberplate on my car has rubbed the paintwork and its caused rusting I thought it was bubbling under the paintwork until my local Audi dealer looked and said it was cause of the numberplate and as a result it is not their fault, my thinking is you installed the plate and its been on there since the car was new so its your fault but I dont think that will wash with them what do you think is it worth pursuing?
  5. S23

    S23 Member

    You could but knowing audi they will just make up more bull as to why they can't do it
    move spoke to them again about mine and they tell me there's no negotiation about it so I asked to have it re assessed and they say I need to contact their indapendant assessor and they will look at it but at a cost of £130
    i give up with audi now they can do one its easier and less Agro to just do it myself
  6. cnut

    cnut Member

    I too am getting bubbling paint underneath the roof gutters on my 2003 A4. I haven't approached Audi about it yet but I think I will give it a shot when I have some free time. I'm not interested in this 70/30 **** they seem to offer, I strongly believe they should honor their 12 year anti corrosion warranty so should cough up 100% of the bill. How did everyone go about approaching them?
  7. madmike01uk

    madmike01uk Member

    Mines going on the drivers side gutter, and also on the front edge of the drivers wing. Had a price of £380 to fix privately, going to approach audi in the coming weeks to see what they offer.
  8. S23

    S23 Member

    I was told that they offer the 70/30 as good will as all the panels failed their test due to stone chipping , even though I've never seen a stone chip on a boot lid or roof gutters , its a complete joke
  9. madmike01uk

    madmike01uk Member

    Ive just been to audi Oxford, he said they'd repair the roof but audi would only cover 70% and reckoned it would cost me £400 ish. They wouldn't do the front wing as they say its been caused by stone chips, I've also got a bit on the rear quarter but they said as that panel has been painted before they wouldn't touch it. I've been quoted £600 elsewhere to do the lot, just waiting for a mates rates price from somewhere else, but I reckon I will get it all done for under £500. It's a bit pathetic that a premium brand isn't fully covering their warranties, they should fix my roof 100% free.
  10. Paul @ Unit 9 Remaps

    Paul @ Unit 9 Remaps Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    I couldn't be bothered with this mess on and bought 2 new front wings for £60 delivered, mates a painter too so added bonus and doing the bumper and bonnet but my wings where terrible from inside out I wouldn't even accept 70 30 if they offered it only 100
  11. Ian2012

    Ian2012 Active Member

    I had roof re done by audi on an a6 that i owned,same problem bubbles all over, it took me 2 days to rectify all the trim that was badly fitted and marked with sticky paint covered fingers, then audi wouldn't pay for the same problem on an a3 2 years later, it's truly shocking, the problem needs greater exposure than on forums like this, it's a basic design fault that allows build up of of dirt and grit to get under the strips between the the roof and a b and c pillar areas, it's a **** design, it makes a paste that over time just grinds it's way through the paint and galvanised body.

    yet again it proves audi really don't give a toss, just like the bad design and failure rate of window regulators, rear wiper motors, coil packs, thermostats etc etc
  12. Ste_Nova

    Ste_Nova Active Member

    don't mess about, if you have bubbling but no broken paint get it straight in to be checked, as soon as the paint breaks they will blame stone chips

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