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Correct Me If I'm Wrong

Bran May 1, 2007

  1. Bran

    Bran New Member

    My Car: A3 1.8T Sport (2door)
    Year: 2001
    Current Audio Components : Standard Audi HU (with 6 CD CHANGER)
    2 Standard Audi Front Speakers
    2 Standard Audi Rear Speakers
    Audi Sub and Amp(powering the rear speakers)


    I want to fit the following components: Sony MP3 HU
    Mono Amp
    12" Sub

    Is my current system a Bose system or none Bose ?

    I know i need a converter so my HU will work, but which type ?

    I know if i fit the HU, then the rear speakers and amp wont work, can i just wire the rear speakers direct to the new Sony HU or do i need an adapter?

    How do u get the rear panel off so i can access the rear speakers ?

    People have suggested that the power from the battery is run through the ECU, but on the pics i've seen the ECU is massive compared to mine ? i've also checked up the drivers side, but cant see any clear way of getting through.

    Many Thanks

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    It's non Bose (unless you have 2 x 4" drivers in the tupperware sub)
    You don't need a converter as such, just need to swap permanent live and ignition on live.
    Yes wire the rears to the HU, either directly or via the loom that's plugged into the stock sub. You'll need a standard ISO speaker harness (male & female) to hook up both the fronts and the rears into one single ISO connector (without chopping the Audi front speaker loom).
    PM me you mail address and I can send you the PDF on panel removal, but if you hook into the sub loom then you don't need to remove any panels.
    I'll also send you the PDF on running power through the bulkhead. Going via the ECU is for A4's, with the A3 there is a better way on the passenger side just in front of the pollen filter under the wipers.

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