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Copper Washers

PAULF Sep 4, 2012

  1. PAULF

    PAULF Active Member VCDS Map User

    I just thought I'd post an old trick for recovering copper washers (such as around fuel lines or injector pipes) after dismantling unions. (As I didn't practise what it preach and had a leak recently.....)

    The copper will have most likely work-hardened, so hang it on some wire - or a **** screwdriver - and then heat it until it glows red.

    Small washers will get hot enough over a lighter, big, heavy washers may need a gas ring (if the Missus lets you!!)

    Then drop it into cold water to anneal it.

    One washer fit for reuse. :thumbsup:
  2. snapon

    snapon Member

    doesn't dropping it in the cold water make it go brittle due to the rapid change in temperature?
  3. PAULF

    PAULF Active Member VCDS Map User

    You're thinking of steel and hardening.

    Copper softens when quenched (I actually think it may also soften if left to air cool - can't remember now) as the crystalline alignment is different - try and bend an old washer, heat and quench, then try again and see the difference. If you bash it a bit with a hammer, it will harden again.

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