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Cooling problems, HELP!!

soton-audi-100 Nov 16, 2007

  1. soton-audi-100

    soton-audi-100 New Member

    Hey all,
    Im new here, not long got myself an Audi 100, 1991 model, bit beaten up but nothing i cant fix up!
    There is a problem with the cooling system, in that 1, the tempriture guage doesn't work, and 2 the rad fan wont switch on. There is also an error that comes up on the dash. It beeps at me 3 times then the screen just flashes. There is no text on the screen, and to be honest, ive got no idea what its for. I would just get it plugged in but its not road legal at the moment and sat in my garden while i do some bits and bobs to it.
    I dont think that it is the indivdual sensors that are acting up as i have done a few tests and nothing works, i think that it is a sensor relay gone up the shute as this would explain the lack of any kind of cooling happening and the error coming up.
    Has anyone got any idea where i could get a new one, and where the original one is so that i can pull it out and get it sorted?
  2. enda1

    enda1 Member

    You should check on this forum for threads on the voltage stabiliser for the dash instruments. IIRC if this goes it plays havoc with the readings on the gauges. The beeping noise if it sounds like a bell chime is a warning for the oil pressure. If there is no light coming on for the oil pressure when it beeps then the bulb for this light could be blown but this also maybe the voltage problem

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