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Cooling heating circulation problems A3 8L AUM 1.8 20vT Sport

pepps Dec 18, 2012

  1. pepps

    pepps New Member

    Dear all,

    My first post!

    Anyway, apologies for re-writing what a great deal of members have written already regarding cooling problems. I'd like you to have a shifty through these probs though and see if you reckon there's anything different about them.
    The car's heading for a mechanic on Thursday morning but I'm curious as to what's going on anyway.

    1. Car overheats when driving. Engine temp reading hits 120.
    2. Coolant levels appear normal. Have replaced coolant already, along with thermostat. No improvements; car still overheats.
    3. Top hose builds up pressure and gets hot, bottom hose stays 'squeezy' and cool but gets hot close to the thermostat.
    4. Heater doesn't pump hot air into the cabin. Fans work but no heat.

    Checked car history. Had the timing belt changed at 60k. No record of the water pump being done at the same time. (I just clocked up 100k at the weekend.)

    Car has been to the mechanic for a 'quick look' last week - diagnosis was that there are no pressurising problems, no obvious signs of head gasket failure and no bleeding issues.

    Question: Do you think I need to get on and get the timing belt and water pump changed?

    Also, I don't have any time this week to work on the car myself (or a hose!) so may as well ask the garage to flush the rad and the heater matrix too - what say you fine people?

    To reiterate apologies for re-writing cooling problems - thanks for reading.
  2. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

  3. pepps

    pepps New Member

    Thanks Byzan
  4. Mpathe

    Mpathe 1st gear

    as mentioned water pump or rad is blocked
  5. pepps

    pepps New Member

    Resolution update:

    I replaced and refitted the thermostat. No joy.

    So over the Christmas break I took the car to the garage and asked Mr Mechanic to flush main rad, flush cooling loop (remaining pipes, etc, from reservoir) and test.
    During testing Mr Mechanic discovered a small area of rusting in a curve on the metal coolant hose - it was split, ever so slightly but was knackered and needed replacing.
    Mr Audi parts-seller wanted £102 for that. Dang.

    Anyway Mr Mechanic ordered it and fitted it.

    I also asked him to replace the water pump and to change the belts while he was at it (the car has 100k on the clock and has never had belts changed!).

    So £640 later and I have a car in proper job working order - pumping out hotter than hot heat unlike before - which should provide me with thousands of trouble-free motoring for the remainder of the life of the car. Happy. Although a bit skint.

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