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Cooling 1.9tdi

K88PNS10 Dec 29, 2013

  1. K88PNS10

    K88PNS10 New Member

    Hi guys/girls

    I am new to the forum.... So hello everybody

    have recently got a 2002 a4 avant 1.9tdi got it cheap as was in need of a turbo, turbo fitted all fine and runs perfect but I noticed it was not reaching correct running temp (needle was in 50) so I got a new thermostat and temp sensor for good measure last night put the new thermostat in and sensor and run it up to temp, pulled the pipe of to expose the hole by he bulk head to allow for air to come through still the bottom radiator hose was http cold after 45 mins have run it up the road etc so possibly a faulty new thermostat?

    any ideas appreciated

    thanks in advance

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