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Coolant Temp Sensor

turnstyle Oct 30, 2012

  1. turnstyle

    turnstyle Member

    If this is knackered can it cause white smoke from exhaust? I thought my head gasket had gone but ive got no mayo on oil cap, nothing on dip-stick and the coolant is oil free. I have noticed alot of wet around the CTS though so im gonna replace it. Is it worth going to audi or is there a better aftermarket option? Also it is using a small amount of coolant - but nothing major over the last 290 miles.
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  2. vrbob

    vrbob Thats no Moon, Thats a space station!

    yeah just get a new CTS and o ring from the stealers fit it (when engine is cold so you done lose any more coolant) and then clear any codes in the ECU.
  3. MILF

    MILF Member

    Have a look on the thread I've started as these are usually the symptoms.
  4. turnstyle

    turnstyle Member


    Right, after driving back home from visiting friends and family in manchester i fitted new CTS.

    Since i noticed the white smoke, ive done almost 600 miles and had none of the other usual signs to show a kaput head gasket (water/oil mayo mix). Ive changed the CTS, still have some white smoke.

    So, got the missus to give the car some revs while i checked the expansion tank - bubbles after revs have dropped. Which would suggest combustion fumes are getting into the coolant... just surprised ive not got oil visable.

    So, next i double check by having a garage do a sniff test. If its 100% gone ill whip the head off and have it tested and fit a new gasket if all is well.

    .... Sounds so easy when its typed. Not looking forward to actually doing the job!

    Almost tempted to buy relentless DP & cat and do that at the same time
  5. turnstyle

    turnstyle Member

    Update - Figured id post an update on this incase anyone in future has similar issues and searches the forum.

    Right.... The white smoke stopped, but that was because the PCV system decided to split.
    Turns out, the PCV pipes were just completely full of gunk and that was getting into the engine - causing white smoke out the exhaust.
    Its actually more snapped in half than split. Ive bodged repaired it so at the moment the car is running like ive filled it with sand. So will be sorting this tomorrow.

    As for the coolant loss - turns out a braided hose near the turbo is leaking coolant (judging by the amount of coolant all over it) so will replace and hope this solves the coolant loss issue.

    SO, to recap. PCV filled with gunk caused white smoke to chug out the exhaust. White smoke issue fixed, running like a bag of spanners will be sorted tomorrow with a new pipe!

    ah the joys of cars!

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