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Coolant problems / new head repairs

Stevie C Jun 13, 2008

  1. Stevie C

    Stevie C Stevie C

    if you have an early A3 TDI and have had problems with low coolant or head let me know the outcome... if Audi assisted with repairs or not! my 140bhp is in with Audi on the 17th July for a week and a half to investigate the problem!!!!:sadlike:
  2. dantdi

    dantdi ...

    HI mate i have a3 2.0 tdi 2004 55,750 miles. Other day had look at coolant use always be on max gone down half way.
    :crying: getting worryed so cant aford new head.

    Use to have a skoda octavia 1.9 tdi was going down hill car cut out .
    Try every think in end found out cam belt sliped f**king up whole engine cost me £2500
    still wasnt right so got rid for nice a3 2.0 tdi 140 and now shitting my self
  3. Stevie C

    Stevie C Stevie C

    yeah i had problems with a mark 4 golf! My A3 goes in to Audi on the 17th of July, they are giving me a courtesy car for a week so they can see if there is a leak and pressure test the head. If there is a problem they are going to contact customer services for me and see if they will carry out repairs as a good will gesture. will keep you posted.
  4. The_Sly_Fox

    The_Sly_Fox New Member

    I have a '03 plate, 97500 miles, new shape A3 2.0 TDi.

    Please see my post titled "dodgy dealer, advice needed". In addition to cylinder head problem (which still isn't fixed) I have had three people crash into my A3 in 6 months, none of which were my fault. Not sure if cam belt was properly changed either. Wondering if the car is jinxed!

    Phoned Audi customer services to ask simply for "goodwill gesture" contribution towards repair (even if they would have given 1/3rd off would have been nice) but the guy treated my query like I was some sort of nutter and said that because the car was over 5 years old and not every service was at an Audi dealership they weren't going to contribute a thing. Anyone who has any different outcomes in the same situation please let me know?

    I am now threatening the used car dealer dealer with legal action because its been leaking coolant since time of purchase in January.

    In the meantime its booked into Audi Bristol on Aug 4 (Audi Bristol have been good, but for a price) to have the cylinder head replaced (because if I wait for it to be dragged through court, the engine could fail regardless of whether coolant is topped up or not) but I may have to delay this because the 3rd accident repair may not have been completed by then.

    I've had nothing but setback after setback. And no one wants to help.

    The moral of the story is avoid New Cheltenham Car Sales in Bristol and consider buying your Audi from an Audi dealership. Despite all this I still want to believe Audi is usually a good brand!
  5. Stevie C

    Stevie C Stevie C

    Bristol Audi have quoted me £1400 ish for the head repair - My car is on a 53 plate has just done 80k and is part of the audi service plan.

    Have you thought about using an indipendant if you have to pay for it yourself? You may want to consider using VW Audi cars in Bradford on Avon they have been brilliant with all work they have done for me resonable in price to.

    I am just annoyed at the shoddy service lack of communication and the way i have been treated by bristol Audi, in fact using them even when the car was under warranty was never pleasant!

    You could also write to Audi UK and see if you have any joy that way!

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