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Coolant light???

FrankG Mar 27, 2007

  1. FrankG

    FrankG Member

    Anyone have any experience with this, the coolant light came on, on the dash the morning it was due to have its second service, nice one I thought the mechanic will sort it. I pointed it out while leaving off the car - of course the light had disappered at this stage (as it does when you get within a 1 mile range of the garage) anyway when I picked it up they said they found nothing, they presure tested it and there are no leaks and the levels are perfect. Now over the weekend, 3 weeks later the light comes on every morning and disappears after about 5 mins of driving! Anyone know what might be up?
    Thank You,
  2. andyccr

    andyccr 2003 1.8T Sport Ebony Black A4 Cabriolet

    Its a known problem on Octavia vRS vehicles like the one I used to own!
    Only ever comes on when its cold in the mornings and has been left standing overnight. Had the sensor changed twice under warranty -fault still comes back!

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