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Coolant Leaking! Connector Piece Split - Help Needed

blloyd Apr 26, 2013

  1. blloyd

    blloyd New Member

    Hi there folks,

    I've had my Audi A3 1.8T a few months now and have had all sorts of problems, first was the clutch release bearing that went so I then had to get a new clutch, dual mass flywheel and so on, £750 later. (ouch)

    Now the car started leaking coolant intermittently, first it was a slow leak and I was topping it up every couple of weeks but couldn't find the source of the leak, now it's got a little worse and depending on the type of driving i'll have been doing it will just spill its coolant once stopped after a run.

    I've found that if it is taken on a fairly brisk run there is more pressure built up in the system and then if I open the bonnet as soon as I stop I can see the below leak coming from a section of the hose that originates from the plastic filler bottle.

    Leak Spray.jpg

    So having identified the leak as being a split in this little connector piece along the side I'd like to ask the forums advice on how best to go about getting this fixed.

    I thought about tracking one down at a breakers and taking just this piece out to then fitting into mine, somebody else has advised I might be able to super glue the small split just for now, and others are saying a new hose throughout.

    After speaking to a couple of garages nobody seems able to get me JUST the bit that's leaking, they all do full hose kits?!

    Anyway I'd appreciate any advice you can offer!

    Here's another pic of the piece from the top.


    Thanks in advance to anybody willing to give any advice!

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