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Coolant leak!! More like waterfall....

Bollos Jun 26, 2013

  1. Bollos

    Bollos New Member

    Hey guys forum noob ;),
    had a noise round for similar problems to no avail,
    got a 01 s3 Quattro, just got it back from the shop a week ago coolant was full, and left interior light on, first mistake!! Came home jumped the car let It run for half an hour, threw the fan on just in case! Went inside!! Came out coolant temp sensor lights on, fans on cold mistake number two.....
    , check underneath steady small stream of coolant under driverside r(right hand side) immediately turned the car off, checked the tank was bubbling a bit, slowly release pressure starts bubbling like bat **** crazy and gushing like well like it shouldn't out of that valve on the side, fair on drained the whole lot about 70%.

    im thinking dropping another bottle in and running to operating temp and see if:
    1: right mix
    2: any leaks,
    3: fan works, temp sensor alrite.

    Any suggestions or tell tail signs to look out for see if I've put it in the shed for a bit
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2013

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