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Coolant and temp problem

low610 Feb 17, 2010

  1. low610

    low610 Member

    Evening all,

    I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago regarding a coolant leak on my 1.8T.

    I've now noticed that the temp gauge which has always sat at 90 when warm, now sits between 80 and 90. The car is also very spluttery in the morning when cold and is as normal when warmed up.

    Coudl all of these be linked.?

    The car was checked for external leaks and nothing was found. Could a faulty thermostat use coolant.?

    I'd much rather deal with a faulty stat then a head gasket. I'm seriously considering handing the car into the scrappage scheme but it would be a waste in my opinion. :-(

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member

    It must be a leak some where if you are losing coolant possibly evaporation when hot .Who did the check and did they look round the expansion tank for cracks ?We found one at the front in aB6 bought 2 weeks ago that clearly was long standing and was bad enough to stop the system pressurising as it should .My guess is that it may have been a fault in manufacture because it seems unlikely to have given up during 6 years of use and I have never seen similar in 50 years of motoring.If had been out of sight at the back I would never thougt of checking there.New tank was £12 fittedc in 10 mins no leaks now!Also if there is a leaf there it may be shorting on the electrics causing missfiring when cold.
  3. low610

    low610 Member

    Hi there,

    I took it into my local Audi dealer who preassure tested the system and checked the water pump and found no leaks. They suggested it's probably internal but would need further investigation at a cost.

    It looses an expansion tanks worth of water every 150 or so miles and there is a preassure build up in the tank when i release the cap to add water. I'm guessing this is normal.

    I'll have a look at the bottle tomorrow, you never know, they may have missed it.

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