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Cool things to do with vag com

benr Jan 4, 2011

  1. benr

    benr Member

    Hi, I just got a 57 plate 2.0tdi 170 B7 Saloon S line

    I just posted about a problem with my door lights but i thought id keep this separate.

    1- Can anyone give me some tips on what I can enable/change with vag-com/vcds?

    2- I have DIS, without ability to change between readouts it constantly shows miles to empty, it it possible to change this? or be able to change it. (there is no stalk to change it)

    3- i have MFSW which works fine except the 2 buttons next to the wheels dont do anything as I don't have a phone or satnav. Is it possible to get these to do something?


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