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Cool car mate!

andicole0 Mar 9, 2014

  1. andicole0

    andicole0 Member

    You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when someone comments on your car? I must say the most I ever had was in my Cobra replica but never once did anyone mention the Z (possibly because the roof was always up). So having bought the big red bus I was disheartened this morning for an 8 year old kid to comment "cool car mate" having just seen the back of the A6 in the garage, not an S6 or even an RS6 just an A6. At least his grand dad spotted it was a 'posh' one.

    Why oh why have I wasted so much money on 'cool' cars over the years!!

  2. Furkz

    Furkz Active Member

    Saw a newish RS6 yesterday. Blew my mind was so sexy. Had the RS4 style wheels but super concave. But yes it's a nice feeling. had it all the time when I had my Corrado but the A4 gets no love, till I say I'm selling it and everyone one says "why, it's a nice car " lol
  3. saxonblue

    saxonblue Member

    its an ace feeling to be told your car is cool, or "its a bonny motor is that" in my case, i was at the fuel pump (somewhere I am too often)
    when a bloke came over and looked at my just washed A6,
    he did get out of an old Audi 80 though, so he must have the Audi bug thing.

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