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Converting Xenons

AndrewP Oct 26, 2003

  1. AndrewP

    AndrewP New Member

    Hi People!
    Just got my new A4 TDI SE last week. Have gone for the xenon lights (very good they are too) and want to know how to switch these over so they dip to the right for continental driving. I know there's some sort of shutter mechanism to do it and that you can't just mask the lenses as I've done previously. The manual says take it to a dealer (well they would wouldn't they!) but I'm planning a long trip which will mean night time driving both on the left and the right, so would like to be able to do it myself en-route. Can anyone help??

  2. DavidR

    DavidR Active Member

    There are small levers on the rear of the headlight units that flick across to make the lights euro compatible. I don't know where they are on the newer A4s, but with a mirror and torch they are easily found on the older models.

    I think the dealer thing is to stop people electocuting themselves on the ballst (the chance of which is fairly slim) rather than it being a very techie problem.

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