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Conversion from Single Din to Double Din - facelift

abpostelnicu Nov 25, 2010

  1. Hello guys,

    Here are the components that i currently have for the single din to double din conversion:

    Double din cage 8P0858005D
    Hazard light switch 8P0941509D 5PR
    Blank right 8P0941518 5PR
    Blank left 8P0941515D 5PR
    Button frame inside 8P0941567A 5PR
    Button frame surround 8P0863321F 6PS
    ESP button 8P0927134D 5PR
    Cardholder 8P0941561J 5PR

    Is there anything else that i need?


    P.S i already have the NAVI MY11 :), the fakra and rns convertor cable + gps antena + double din clima.
  2. anyone?
  3. RU55SSO

    RU55SSO Member

    looks like its all there to me mate. just done mine

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