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Convenience module. Some questions and info needed.

qawsed Feb 17, 2010

  1. qawsed

    qawsed Member

    I have been having major probs with flat battery.This coinsided with a nasty smell when heat was on.
    Turned out the batt area was flooded and this leaded me to finding out about the problem of the con module getting wet.
    The car has been to MD half doven times but they can not find the fault.They said the module was wet but terminals not green so it should dry out.
    This as been going on for a year apx.They seem to think that the module "usually" just goes,NOT problematic.The only other symtem i can is the folding mirrors work 50/50 of the time.never seen probs with c locking,windows or alarm etc.
    I do not want to rerplace the module and its not that. I have had 3 batts,this batt is checked ok.Charging fine.sometimes batt charge lasts a week,3 days or 1!
    A independent audi garage how would comment on the module said in there experience that the seat needs to come out and the suuronding area dried out with heaters 1st.then check the module and make sure the wires/loom are not wet and corroded.then check for faults etc.
    As any got any comments on the module?
    Also what is entailed to get to the module for a look?
    Banging my head against a wall at the moment.Audi MD just had my car for 8 days.They told me they first charged the batt fully then did drain test.no faults found,done twice.I told them its no good keeping the car inside in the warm with bonnet open.Can they keep it out side in the cold as like at home.following 5 days starts every day at MD.I take it home ,a fairly good distance,3 days later flat!!!!!!!
    What would you guys do??????????
  2. swarcup

    swarcup Well-Known Member

    the module as you know is under the carpet in a false floor in the passenger side and to get to it the seat comes out and the carpet lifted, from what i have read that false floor can hold quite a lot of water so damaging the module beyond repair, I had the same in my car and a new module cured the problem but is not cheap.it could be the source of the power drain as this controls a lot of the electric components in and around the car. In the past i had a renault and this kept flattening batteries exactly like you are describing, i changed alternator, 3 batteries, etc etc and in the end all it was was it required a specific battery for that type of car. Possibly check the type of battery is correct
  3. Woorlord

    Woorlord shifting to Hyperspace... . VCDS Map User

    I can confirm the passenger seat needs to be taken out and carpets lifted to get full access to the Convenience Module that should be mounted in another plastic box where the lid needs to be taken off to get acccess to the actual convenience module and connections. I assumed the outer box should make the module water tight??
    Have replaced the module myself so been there and done that - although my problem was nothing to do with water ingress to the unit - just went wrong.
    New Convenience Module around £220'ish - Easy enough to repalce yourself if you have a proper VAG-COM to programme a new one and the tools to get the seat out (requires "spline" tool to remove the 4x anchor bolts.)
  4. swine

    swine Member

    no need to take out the seat, just remove some trim around the carpet, then you can lift the carpet enough to get at the module, there are drain holes under there to let water out but you must unplug them yourself, i replaced the module in mine last spring sometime, left a dehumidifier running in the car for a few days, sprayed the contacts with contact spray plugged in new one, re-code with vag-com very easy diy. if your module was immersed in water it`s goosed
  5. A4 nut

    A4 nut Member


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