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Convenience Control Unit

Simmy73 Jan 23, 2014

  1. Simmy73

    Simmy73 New Member

    Hi all,

    I have an Audi A3 1.9TDI 03 and a few weeks ago the boot started playing up. When I opened the doors using the key for remote central locking the boot wouldn't open without manually unlocking it with the key. I could hear the mechanism as though it was locking and unlocking and on the dashboard it indicated that the boot was open. As I have been busy I locked the boot with the key and left it until I had time to look into it. A few days ago I was awoken in the night by the car alarm going off. Only the hazard lights were flashing and no noise so I unlocked it and relocked it and it stopped, then 1 min later it did it again. After this happened 3 or 4 times I opened the boot and locked it with the key and did the same with the drivers door and it seemed to work. Then this morning I went to open the car with the remote and nothing. I opened it with the key and drove to work. I tried opending the electric windows and nothing. Now the central locking wont work and neither will the electric windows. I checked the fuses and they all seemed fine but there did seem to be a slight electric burning smell in the car? Might be imagining this though :mad:
    I have looked on the forum and indications are it is the Convenience control unit. I have looked for the location of this and a website pointed to under the passenger footwell carpet. I have looked there and its not there.
    Does anyone know where it is located on this model and can anyone clarify that it is the convenience control unit that is the problem? Also if I replace this will I be able to use the same key or will it need matching to the CCU?

    Thanks in advance

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