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Control Arms

jimmymidnight Mar 8, 2009

  1. jimmymidnight

    jimmymidnight Member

    Hello, picked up my new a4 about a week ago, all going well apart from the odd bit here and there, including the front control arms are making that grindy-creeky noise - how big a job is it to get done hour wise in a garage, as i have found the replacement arms in the boot?

  2. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    What make are the replacement arms?

    I changed mine, twice, because i baught cheap replacements from ebay the first time round and they failed after 4 months. Second time round i used Meyle arms and they've been fine.

    Either Meyle or genuine Audi are the only things i'd spend my time fitting.

    Took me most of a day to do it, and the top pinch bolt can be a bit of a bugger to get out (i had to drill one of mine out the first time round)

    It certainly shouldnt take a garage any more than the 8 hours it took me.
  3. ian52

    ian52 2000 a4 1.8tqs-yellow

    i bought a cheap set when i got my car about 8k miles ago and both upper forward arms are goosed at the ball joint.all the rest seem fine.funny how it was just the upper forward ones and both at the same tine.i think it was due to the boots being burst.do it yourself or get a mate to do it.its not that hard and would save you a fair bit.

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