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Continuous tone when reverse selected.

ragebe Jul 24, 2010

  1. ragebe

    ragebe New Member

    Apparently, according to the manual, this indicates a fault. Unfortunately, I seem unable to discover what might be causing this fault and it's getting a tad tedious now.

    Started a couple of days ago and has been intermittent, inasmuch as until today the system seemed to work normally most of the time but now just comes on whenever reverse gear is selected and stays on.

    Anyone got any ideas on this?
  2. Watty

    Watty ..... (_!_) Sarah's A3s #1 Fan

    Mine does this every now and then, but only once or twice and seems to sort itself out everytime. I now make sure the sensors are clean and clear, especially the ring or gap, as I think this is the area which matters. The bodyshop guy told me a masking ring is supplied when any paint work is carried out as this area should remain free and clear of any paint, dirt, polish etc..

    Also, what car do you have? As there is nothing to give it away in your sig or info etc..? :confused: :idea:
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2010
  3. VRStu

    VRStu Just Looking VCDS Map User

    If you can lay your hands on VCDS or get someone to scan it for you it'll likely be a faulty sensor and VCDS can tell you which one.
  4. ragebe

    ragebe New Member

    Ah, well, I did wonder about keeping the rings clear. I went around them all with a fingernail but I'll have another go with a tooth-pick. It might be that the lad who valets the car every two weeks used a polish and some of that is in the rings around the sensors (although it all looks pretty clean)

    Also, last night, after writing the original post, I went outside and put it in reverse and turned the ignition on (not the engine) No noise. I sat there flicking through the manual for about 5 minutes and it just started again.

    It's a 2.7 TDi A6 Avant on a '55' plate.

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