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Contacting Audi HQ?

Y83OLK May 25, 2010

  1. Y83OLK

    Y83OLK Hulk Smash!

    Does anyone know how/ who to contact from audi HQ?

    Im not happy with my local dealer (plymouth) and would like to speak with someone higher up the food chain.

    Basically, After being messed around with cd headunits from ebay.. i bit the bullet and got a new unit through Audi.
    2 days after purchase, the cd mech has stopped working... i keep getting cd error, its scratching cd's and wont eject them.
    This is with genuine baught Cd's, copied cd's... cd's i have owned for years and know to be working.
    I ring audi today and get put through to some doofus in warrenty, who tells me as i didnt let audi fit the cd player.. I have caused the fault.
    Thus no warrenty.
    He said, if i book my car in with them to look at the fault they may warrent it..but if not i will have to front the labour charges.
    To which i replied "fine, ill bring the unit back to you for a full refund as being "not fit for its purpose - under the consumer rights act"".
    Apparently i cannot do that either.

    What a joke.
  2. sportquattro

    sportquattro Active Member

    Hi Budddy, thats outrageous, have you spoken with Louise Herbert in Audi Plymouth? She's usually pretty switched on and should take a sensible view and get it sorted for you.


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