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Consistency of products/storage

Luke2.0tdi2010 Jul 10, 2013

  1. Luke2.0tdi2010

    Luke2.0tdi2010 Active Member

    For some reason the consistency of my SRP is not how it should be, when applied to the pad it's not the creamy smooth consistency that it should be, it's all watered down (like the way oil would be when mixed with water) I give it a good shake but it stays the same. This has now become the same situation with my blackfire wet diamond! It doesn't seem to really affect the way it works but I'm just wondering if anyone else had had this problem and IS it actually not gonna perform as well? I'm assuming it's because I keep it stored in the boot all the time in all weathers? But I always have done and it's never happened before, I wasn't too brothered when it was just the srp (£10) but now £35 quid's worth of blackfire has done the same thing?

    Thanks in advance
  2. coreythorny

    coreythorny Active Member

    With this heat its probably just too hot. It probably says on it to keep in a cool place out of direct sunlight.
  3. Luke2.0tdi2010

    Luke2.0tdi2010 Active Member

    Yeah I did think that but has been happening for last few months before the heat started and I've always kept it in the boot and never had it before. However I'm sure you're right about keeping it in cool place.
  4. scotty76

    scotty76 Well-Known Member Team Phantom Audi S4

    I would think it's the heat Luke. If you got the Blackfire from Polished Bliss you could ask their opinion, they are very helpful. If you don't feel like emailing them both AG and Polished Bliss have forums over on Detailing World.

    Hope that helps.
  5. markwiggy

    markwiggy Third Gear

    My blackfire protectant does exactly the same, you need to keep shaking it for a good five minutes and it will thicken back up. Mine does.

  6. Luke2.0tdi2010

    Luke2.0tdi2010 Active Member

    Ah that sounds promising mark, thanks mate. I'll get shaking!

    Cheers scotty, if the 5min shake doesn't work I'll email rob at polished bliss, you're right he's very helpful and always forthcoming with his advice.
    markwiggy likes this.

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