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considering a used A6

busydad May 20, 2013

  1. busydad

    busydad New Member

    hi all

    new to this forum so go easy :)

    I'm considering a 2010 A6 2.0TDiE Avant.

    I'm new to Audis and I just have one concern (coming from a Ford S-Max), which is that on starting and each time you give the throttle a very slight blip the whole chassis 'wobbles' once quite noticeably, presumably due to the torque. Also there is a lot more of the diesel idling vibration coming through the drivetrain that I'm used to with a couple of Fords and a Merc. I have driven a VW Passat which is presumably fairly similar to an A6 and did notice more idle vibration, but not this 'wobble'.

    I am a little paranoid having had to replace a DMF in my current Ford and just want to be sure this is normal behaviour on an A6.

    thanks in advance
  2. Bondy68

    Bondy68 New Member

    Sounds wrong to me, mine's virtually petrol quiet and smooth! Definitely no vibrations through drivetrain, recently changed clutch and DMF and didn't have those symptoms either.
  3. ZYX

    ZYX New Member

    Could be that Engine mounts are gone - is what I'd usually say but considering its a 2010 that's highly unlikely !!
    Have a good mechanic look over it for you. If there is a problem the he should spot it.
    As has been said they idle nice and smoothly with no judder.
  4. busydad

    busydad New Member

    thanks for that,

    I probably should add that this is when stationary of course, and there was no evidence of any issues when the car was actually driving.

    and there's only 42k on the clock
  5. gupsterg

    gupsterg Active Member

    I'd defo be getting a second opinion before buying as @ that age/mileage it should be spot on IMO ...
  6. busydad

    busydad New Member

    thanks guys

    I think I might start by finding a couple of similar ones for sale and just comparing notes. There's plenty of saloons locally, and that should do for comparing this in a quick test-drive, but the estates are not so easy to find.

    I've become quite anal about vibrations based on bad experiences with other cars, and it could just be I'm being uber-sensitive :)

    thanks again

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