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Considering a 2.5 TD Quattro Avant

Animal Mother Mar 11, 2007

  1. Animal Mother

    Animal Mother New Member


    I'm thinking about buying a 2.5 TDi Quattro Avant and would appreciate some questions answered and some advice, thanks. Here it goes then:

    1. What are the BHP figures for the 2.5 TDi, and if there are different engines and specs (only v6 or others) how can I guarantee I get the better i.e. more powerful and reliable one?
    2. What is the reliability of these cars like because reading this forum has just depressed me a bit as I thought they were bulletproof?
    3. Is the car a good one generally?
    4. Recommended year/model would be?
    5. What are the differences between B5 and B6 models?
    6. Are most accessories standard on these cars i.e. leather, climate, CD changer, dog/luggage guard, light squirters etc etc.
    7. Is self servicing, everything but belts, easy enough to do myself (reasonably good with cars, hey I own a Rangie :tocktock: )?
    8. Is "chipping" or adding a power booster type box a viable and mechanically safe mod on these cars?
    9. Is the engine the same as the 180bhp diesel in the A6?
    10. Is the A6 2.5TDi Quattro Avant better than the A4 2.5 TDi Quattro Avant?

    Thanks in advance
  2. kris_tdi

    kris_tdi Member

    1. In the b5 its 150 bhp
    2. Mine has almost ticked 160k and the car still runs and looks imaculate.
    3. Best car i have ever owned by a long shot
    4. Get a 99 onwards, mine is a prefacelift and there a few bits from the later model i wish it had.
    5. completely difference car, as for the engine the 163 is basically the same, the 180 has quite a few differences
    6. Depends on the model but leather was an option, as was headlight washers, i believe climate was standard, mine has cd changer also.
    7. Yes, changing all fluid and filters is very easy, things are located in easily accesable places and are a doddle to change. Even the belts aren't hard, just time consuming.
    8. Yes, mine has been running a plug in box for 40k and it has caused no problems.
    9. Basically, but a few differences. But you can remap the 150 to between 180-190 bhp anyway amoungst other things ;)
    10. depends what your after. Both are great cars.

    Every car has its problems, dont be depressed, people tend to post on here when they have problems, not when they dont. My a4 2.5 tdi has been in the family for nearly 6 years and it has only broken once (due to a bolt failing of all things, but thats another story) It has done 159887 miles, still returns mid 40'smpg on a run and around 35 mpg round town, its chipped, its not driven slowly, it doesn't use oil and it still keeps going and going. Aslong as you service it when its due it will last for ages. Infact my next car will have the same engine (b6 cabriolet 2.5 tdi)

    Any questions ill be happy to answer them.

  3. Animal Mother

    Animal Mother New Member

    Excellent thanks.

    Is it easy to take the front of the car off then and do the belts?
    Do all of the Avants come with the cargo/dog barier?
    More comments from others will be much appreciated.
  4. kris_tdi

    kris_tdi Member

    Its time consuming, if you get stressed easily then i dont recommend it, aslong as your patient then its just a case of undoing things and putting them back. Doubt the barrier is standard, most probably as an extra i would have thought

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