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Connects2 to Audi Concert Stereo

Chrisd1983 Mar 7, 2012

  1. Chrisd1983

    Chrisd1983 Member

    Hi All,

    I've recently fitted a Connects2 Ipod / Iphone adaptor to my headunit, there is a noticeable difference between the CD quality and the Iphone quality - question I've got when I've fitted the adaptor loom to the headunit it seems to have reduced the bass levels on the Connects2 (CDC), any ideas why?

    Its that poor I'm considering ripping out the lot and putting my own install in!
  2. slappy

    slappy Member

    As I don't use this one on my car, I have the Dension Ice Link Plus so can't really advise properly, but
    silly question, have you earthed the Connects2 to your head unit?
  3. Chrisd1983

    Chrisd1983 Member


    Ha, yes I've earthed it, it will not work without a good earthing point.
  4. Jaxo

    Jaxo New Member

    Reviving this old thread as I`m having the exact same prob.. The bass levels from the connects 2 unit are terrible... I burned the same song onto a disk and flicked between cd and cdc and the difference was night and day...

    Did you ever get a solution to this or did you rip it out and do an aftermarket install... (What I`m tempted to do myself.. only prob is I have a bose amp and have read a few stories saying it can be a nightmare installing a new system...


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