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connects2 install with bluetooth

plezz Aug 10, 2011

  1. plezz

    plezz Member

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and have so far had my 2010 Sportback for less than a week but I'm absolutely loving it :)

    But I cant live without my ipod connection and need to get one installed.

    i've opted for the connects2 adapter rather than the dension (i'm not fussed about the display), but before i install I wanted to take a look and see if anything else here had any tips.

    sorry if this has already been asked, but i havent been able to find this question anywhere...

    at the moment, i've got the factory fitted bluetooth (low Prep) and double din concert stereo, and i'm worried i could lose this and the acoustic parking sensors when playing around with installing the cable in the back. will it be ok to pull the stereo out the cage, install the ipod cable without the ignition in, and then put it back in place, or will it require disconnecting the other wires, battery etc?

    i'm worried i'll have to put in all sorts of codes etc to get it back up and running, and i wouldnt have a clue where to start on that.

    and, does anyone know if the glove box will have to be drilled to run a cable in, or are there any hidden panels inside i might be able to slot the cable through? i really dont like the idea of drilling holes just yet.

    thanks for any advice all, and if i see any A3's in the romford area, i'll give you a little wave :)

  2. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro s tronic Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Hi welcome to ASN. Think if you pm nigel (NHN) he may be able to advise you..
  3. plezz

    plezz Member

    Hi Sandra!

    hmm i've now got the connects2 adapter, plugged it in and it doesnt seem to do anything... there is only one port on the back of the chorus unit, so it must be plugged into the correct port. but I'm a little confused with the wires on the back of the adapter, and I wondered if anyone one here might be be able to shine a light for me - the stereo end of the cable loom has a black and white cable coming out of it with a red plastic port/adapter on the end, does this need anything plugged into it? and the end of the cable loom which connects to the adapter has a black cable running off of it. the diagram says this should be attached to the stereo but a) is this necessary b) how do i that with my basic electronics knowledge?

    At the moment the adapter doesnt even charge my ipod ( i do have the charging adapter for it as well), and I think this could either be down to the earth wire not being connected, or it could be that Audi havent activated that port on my stereo (which i hope is not the case).

    oh yeah, i've also checked its the correct part *004 and not the *003 part for the 8L model.

    if anyone has any experience or suggestions I would love you forever!

  4. plezz

    plezz Member

    hey all, is there anyone that may be able to help? connects2 arent getting back to me, and I am totally stuck how to get this thing working.

    does anyone have any experience with installing these? they sound similar to the dension adapters, but i've not found any threads of anyone having the odd cables i've found on mine.

    i'd even be happy to pay someone on here who is local to me if they know what to do within reason.

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