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Connecting a 3.5mm jack using the OEM iPod connector... doable?

brixo Jun 25, 2011

  1. brixo

    brixo Member

    Hi all,

    Install nearly complete - many thanks to the people on this forum!

    Next question: I am wanting to have a 3.5mm jack input as my mp3 player isn't an iPod. I do, however, have the iPod connector in the glove box (part # 8E0 857 925B) so want to know if there is a connector that will give me a 3.5mm jack using the iPod plug (not the actual iPod interface, the plug that connects to the OEM part!).

    I know I could do the whole RNS-e AUX thing, but I don't have VAG-COM (yet) and will probably make a mess of it.

    I thought this may give me what I want and much quicker/simpler.

    Thanks, neil.

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