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'Connect 2' For B6

sinic Feb 26, 2011

  1. sinic

    sinic Audi WAudi

    I fitted a Connect 2 kit into my B6. It connects in to the CD Changer port on the back of the head unit and fools the system into thinking there is a cd changer. Now I can listen to my mp3's through the standard Audi head.

    Connect 2 kit for around £29.00
    Genuine Audi Aux port from a '60 reg A4 model + connector block and wiring all less than £20.


    Then lifted the ally gear stick surround, pulled out the stereo, pluged in the box to the back of the head unit. Threaded the wiring down the back of the heater controls and along the centre console past the gear stich to the handbrake.

    Lifted up the rubber mat in the recess and ther is a square marked for cut out already there - must be for a factory option. Pushed that out and mounted the aux port in there. Wired the connector block to the plug then connected all together. Cut out a hole in the rubber mat and put everything back together. There's load of room behind the head unit so the Connect 2 box is there with all the excess wiring.


    Apart from the Connect 2 Box everything else is genuine Audi stuff so it almost looks like a factory install and works great.

    I'm not really in to aftermarket installs, prefer things to look original so this was perfect for me, kept me busy for an hour and cost less than £50. Audi quoted me about £200 to fit a media port so a big saving too.

    The only other ICE mod I'd like to do would be the RNS E but this will have to do for now.
  2. Sam Reynolds

    Sam Reynolds New Member

    Sorry for pulling up such an old thread. But where did you get the Audi aux input socket from?

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