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Confused! Ipod touch verses MMI lead

GC001 Apr 29, 2014

  1. GC001

    GC001 Member


    I'm a bit confused with the following and after much searching I am no further on

    I have a Sept 2012 S4 with Nav, therefore I presume I have MMI 3g. I dont have a CD changer or frame where one would go just a plug and a net to hold an ipod in the glovebox.

    I have been given a 2nd gen Ipod touch and want to suss out if they are compatable with full interaction on the steering wheels etc and displaying track names on the MMI screen.

    If they are, which lead do I need?

    I have looked at all the leads but it suggests the two about are not compatable and it needs an ipod 3rd gen or above.

    I can get the menu up for the MMi details if necessary!

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