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Confused about what I need.

PincherA6 Apr 10, 2014

  1. PincherA6

    PincherA6 New Member

    Hi guys,

    Looking to give my Lava Grey A3 SB a bit of a clean and mini detail. Have read loads of things on various forums and am getting more confused the more I read. I know all the stuff about 2 bucket method and have recently bought a couple of grit guards. Got some Demon foam snow foam to try (not got access to a pressure washer). This is where I start to get confused. Saw on here about using Poorboys EX-P sealant then Nattys Paste wax blue. I think it is the names that cause problems as I would normally expect a sealant to go on top of a wax. I have also read good things about Black hole glaze but does this go on top of the wax?
    So am I right in thinking the sealant goes on first then the wax then the glaze? I will not be using a machine so will be applying by hand are these products suitable for hand application? I also watched some videos of gtechniq P1 applied by hand and this looked brilliant for what I want, so does this replace the EX-P?

    Sorry for my newbie questions. I have tried to search for answers myself but like I said I got more confused. Any help appreciated.

  2. 81llyh

    81llyh Well-Known Member Team Navarra Team Glacier Team V6 Audi RS3 Audi S4

    Black hole is a glaze so should be applied before a wax to make it last
  3. Dave-S3

    Dave-S3 Active Member

    Wash using micro fibre mitt or lambs wool/sheepskin mitt- Two bucket with grit guard if you have one.
    Dry - large micro fibre drying towel
    Clay/iron & fallout remover if necessary

    Now heres the protection bit. Firstly glaze if you want to, then:

    The poor boys EXP is a good sealant from what i have read, you can then top it off with a paste wax such as the natty paste wax but its not critical to do so, a sealant as a top layer is good enough i think for our climate/weather.

    Lots of fast all in one polishers have glazes worked into them, I'm going to be using the auto finesse tripple over the weekend and i will do a write up on it afterwards, I'm then topping with collinite 476S Which ill also review!. I might throw some Auto glum extra gloss protection on first but ill see how it looks after the triple - as that has glazing and waxing properties built in according to the bumpf!

    Theres literally thousands of detailing products on the market all available on from different shops and it takes time to understand whats necessary, whats not and whats needed for your own car. A certain type of sealant or wax that one person recommends might not be any good for your type of paint and or colour so its finding the balance. I think I've covered the basics there though, i would recommend having a read up on polished bliss or taking a look over on a dedicated detailing forum - although that might confuse you further!!

    Hope that helps!
  4. 2.8 30v

    2.8 30v Member

    Poorly black hole is good stuff it does have fillers in it to hide fine swirls. I used it a few wks ago then used dodo juice blue velvet pro on top for a nice wet look
  5. PincherA6

    PincherA6 New Member

    Hi all.
    After tidying my garage I found a bottle of Autoglym SRP so am going to use this up before buying any black hole. My next question is can I use tye Nattys blue on my Misano red TT as well or will I need the Nattys Red. Then will the red work on the Lava Grey A3. Just trying to avoid having loads of different waxes etc.



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