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Confirm Part number for Centre Trim Panel - 8P0 863 321 C 6PS

Lee78 Jan 30, 2011

  1. Lee78

    Lee78 Active Member

    Completed my RNS-E retro fit from single-din set up last month and had centre trim shown in the arrow (goes round hazard and switches) on back order from my local Audi dealer which finally arrived after 4 weeks. Only wen I got home and I opened the package I saw it was the same shape as the one I removed . ie it had curved edges when it used to sit at the top.. This is the part number tho on the package!!! 8P0 863 321 C 6PS
    can anyone confirm that this part number is correct for the trim I need as shown in pic.. Just wanna confirm before I pop back to Audi and see if they messed up or it was me
  2. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    There are only two versions and I can't tell from ETKA which is which !

    The other one has suffix 'B' so I should get them to check that and see if it's the one you need !

    My guess would be that you have given them the right number but the wrong part is in the packet !

    Is there not a number on the part itself ?
  3. Lee78

    Lee78 Active Member

    Cheers Fossie for the your reply... Double checked to see if written on part itself but it isnt. Does appear like they sent me the wrong one in the package with the correct number I need on the label..

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