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  1. evilscotsman

    evilscotsman Space Cowboy

    Well, I fitted a stainless apexi cone filter that I had lying around from my B5 (its for a 3.0) - I had to add a rubber ring to make the gap up between the MAF and the filter but its worked out perfect.

    The bottom of the airbox is still in cos it gives the filter something to sit in, and the metal vac pipe to the DV has little screw flanges on it, I screwed them to the heatshield (new holes drilled) so the heatshield still works, perhaps better. I refitted the original oem intake tube too, so now it ducts air in instead of being a suck tube, the airbox was filled wi fag ends, dead bugs, leaves, small twig pieces - jeez it was like a primary school montage in there - the only thing missing was bits of raw macaroni....:huh: LOL

    It sounds great now, deep throaty growl but not dry and "sucky", superb sharp DV dump sound - "tshhhhhhh" heh heh

    The only thing I notice now is a kind of "kettling" "bubbly" sort of sound from the filter / filter area - maybe something to do wi the carbon canister / tank venting (it was a hot day) or something like that? It continues for a few seconds after the engine is shut off and is kinda annoying - anyone know what this is?

    Its always done this but its more noticable now the cone is in place.

    Whats the tube for that is supposed to get a 1" entry filter on it, that normally fits onto the front of the airbox? I have filtered that too but just wondered what its for. It goes down thru the inner wing.

    No engine problems, idles smoothly, pulls more smoothly (no hard boost spike at 2k) - feels more torquey. Good mod i'd say!

    If I had vag com working (my cable is sick) I'd have logged AIT sensor readings before and after, but the original plastics used to get bloody hot anyway so cant be any worse in intake temp terms than before - and the steel heat shield is in place.
  2. evilscotsman

    evilscotsman Space Cowboy

    BUMP - anyone else have this "blup-blup-blup" noise from the intake area? Its like its coming from the intake and continues after switch off for a few secs, I think its to do with the solenoid thing attached to a one-way black and white valve - is this for the fuel evap system?

    It did it before installing the filter, but its much more noticable now, and does it all the time at idle, hot or cold.

    The solenoid sits at the top edge of the oem airbox and runs to a steel pipe that goes down to near the dv, past the heatshield...
  3. jase0851

    jase0851 Member

    never had it on mine scots

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