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Condensation inside my a3

mattm Jan 26, 2008

  1. mattm


    Any ideas chaps?

    Only really started happening recently to the point where the inside of the windscreen is soaked. Also got my golf clubs out of the boot and they're drenched in condensation too.

    I dont have the climate on, only hot air as its collld.

    Parked next to 2 houses too so not exposed to the weather.....

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    You should always have the climate control on, regardless of the weather. It's designed to be on all the time except when it's below 5 degrees.
    Climate control isn't just aircon, it takes the mositure out of the air entering the car so will prevent condensation. If you switch it off for long periods of time the system can dry out too much and you'll get leaking as well as a horrible bad egg smell when you switch it back on.
    Having said that it does sound like you have a leak as well. This could either be a blocked drain hole under the wipers/bulkhead, so you need to check underneath your carpets. If they're soaking wet underneath then it's likely you have a blocked drain. Don't just feel the top of the carpet as this can remain dry while the sponge underneath is sopping.
    Or you have the dreaded split pipe on the rear washer. Does your rear washer still work? Is there water at the bottom of the rear cubbyhole?
    The rear washer fails in a number of places either underneath the sub woofer in the cubbyhole, or the connection itself to the rear wiper mechanism.

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