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concert upgrade question, help needed urgently!

imported_BARA Jul 31, 2004

  1. imported_BARA

    imported_BARA Guest

    i've decided to replace the factory concert deck today with a JVC and i wanted to know if its possible to have the rear speakers running off the JVC deck. my cars been pulled apart and its all over the garage!

    ..my car came with the subwoofer in the boot, i believe the woofer + rear speakers are amplified, so im not sure if its possible to connect the rear speakers (amplified or not) to my JVC deck. i've only connected the front speakers so far (they sound horrible mind you, its only temporary) and i would really like to run the rears as well.

    any help/tips would be greatly appreciated!
  2. ok, i dont no wot audi u have and wot u want 2 spend on the system, but heres my opinion: forget all of the audi standard stuff like speakers, sub and amp. definatly replace the front speakers, my choice would be infinity component speakers, around £100. if u have these at the front then the rear speakers wont matter so much, but i would still replace them as well. your jvc unit should have pre-outs (rca) for non-fading (bass), front speakers and rear speakers. basically, if u want to amp the speakers then u have 2 have a rca cable going from the headunit to the amp, then from the amp u have speaker cable going 2 the speakers u want to amp, so your standard speaker cable thats already in the car becomes obsolete. but my advice is that if your jvc head unit is good, and the standard output is around 4x45 watts then u wont need to amp any of the speakers, once u put decent speakers in the front (infinity 17cm or 13cm components) they will be MORE then loud/clear enough to run just off the head unit. so really all u need 2 do is just spend around £100 on decent front speakers, forget about amping anything, and if u like your bass then buy a seperate subwoofer and amp and u will get amazing sound quality. my last install cost over £2000, and i had the £100 infinity components in the front, 6x9's in the back and 2 sub/amps. it was mind blowing!
  3. imported_BARA

    imported_BARA Guest

    ok, i should've been more clear in my first post..

    i have a 98 A3T.

    the JVC head unit i have is pretty good and packed with features, has rca preouts for subs, rear speakers and front.

    I've run rcas from the head unit to the boot, a pair connected to a sub-dedicated amp (running 2 12's) and another pair waiting for a new amp (to run new front splits which i will install within a few weeks, looking at focal polyglass and boston rallys 5.25 inch, any idea if the tweeters will fit in the standard location?).

    i would like to have rear fills, and i think the standard audi rear speakers will do the job if i fade it to the front.

    my question is, how can i connect the standard rear speakers to the head unit? is this possible without too much hassle? someone suggested i run new speaker wire from the rear speakers to the head unit. someone else suggested i just put 6x9s on the rear shelf or just a pair of co-axles on it.

    personally i prefer the stealth look, so if its not too much trouble i would like to connect the standard rears to the head unit. can i do this by using the standard audi wiring or do i have to run my own speaker wire as mentioned above?

    ps i would rather not use any adaptors or anything as all the wiring is done except for the rear speakers.


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