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Concert to Symphony II+ query

mikex709 Jun 16, 2010

  1. mikex709

    mikex709 Member


    This is my first post so please go easy as i'm not very technical. Basically i'm picking up my 2007 A3 (manufacturerd in May 2007) 2.0 TDI S-Line this weekend which i bought privately. It has an "Audi Concert" single CD stereo and i'm told by an Audi dealer in the Parts department that Concert Stereo installed by Audi from 2007 onwards are Concert II+ with mp3 playback. The A3 stereo is coupled with BOSE system and ipod connection but no phone prep.

    Is it possible replaced the Concert with Symphony II+ (6CD Changer + mp3 playback with radio CODE supplied), if so, is it a straight swap? what sort of connectors/adapters do i need and does the BOSE system/ipod connection need to be adjusted/reprogammed/coding in any way?

    Any diagram/links/help is much appreciated.

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