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Concert To CD Changer wiring connector issues!!!

BC_Audi_Black Feb 5, 2010

  1. BC_Audi_Black

    BC_Audi_Black New Member

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!
    I have purchased an Audi CD Changer to fit into the glove box, but have an issue with the wiring to the connector at the HU end.
    A4 S-Line 2006
    I purchased the BUS Link cable which will not work the Changer.
    I modified the HU end and fitted mini-resepticles into the vacant 8 ports at the Concert HU end. Having replicated what cable was fitted to the original connector block, I then placed new resepticles into the HU Block.
    Having read the wiring diagram, I found that the "Power Ground & Audio Ground" were fitted to Port 18 of the HU connector. (Follow Link for Diagram and scroll at bottom left for correct diagram.)
    I assume the Power Ground should be independant? if so, where can it be relocated.



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