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Concert radio ribbon repair??

jononfire May 24, 2013

  1. jononfire

    jononfire New Member

    Hi all!
    Have stumbled across this and wondered is it true ie. a cheap repair and or has anyone done so??

    Audi Concert car stereo system display pixel problem repairs:

    LCD pixel problems on the display of the Audi Concert Radio's display is also very common - the ribbon cable replacement solves the problem for good. This cable is usable at those models which were assembled with "Zebra strip" too. The instructions booklet we send together with the cable will include the repair manual of the "radio uncontrollable volume problem repairs" too, which is also very typical at this model.

    Audi Concert ribbon cable

    ***SILVER CABLE***
    ***no soldeing, no "T tip" needed***

    This ribbon cable fits the Audi Concert stereo on the picture above. Fits both models - the ones assembled originally with ribbon cable and also the one assembled with Zebra strip. 22.00 €

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