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Concert II install... help required pls....

m4tyj Jan 19, 2005

  1. m4tyj

    m4tyj New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'm having a few problems installing a Concert II cd player into my A3 (2000 plate). On taking the old concert unit (after dying of the volume knob disorder) out I purchased a concert II, every thing went ok, until I started the car and found that:

    1. The front speakers wasn't working
    2. It did not work with the dash

    Has anybody had any experience of this... any advice is greatly welcomed....

    Kind regards

  2. bigshout

    bigshout Member

    Are you sure with the revision the wiring didn’t change? It might be worth giving your local Audi dealer a call and ask if the concert 2 is compatible.
  3. paul_brad

    paul_brad Member

    Im pretty positive the Concert 2 won't ever work properly in your A3. Especially if it is before the revisions in 2000. (After probably doesnt make any difference either...)

    I looked into them when my Concert 1 died (2000 A3) and read somewhere on here the wiring is all different on the concert 2's. For A4s and the like I think.

    Dont take my answer as red though. You may be able to do some engineering on it to work... good luck!

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