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Concert II help to add subwoofer

T3nnant May 26, 2013

  1. T3nnant

    T3nnant Active Member

    Im pretty aware this has been asked loads of times, so im going to lay it down as iv understood it.

    Iv been told by a local audio shop that i will need at least 2 different harness to make the steering wheel work with the radio and then the rear speakers and sub with radio.

    Iv read a few pages and how i see it is...

    Obv need to run a power cable through car.
    I need to ground the system.
    I need a remote (i will have to check radio schematic)

    Next would be the the new sub itself, I have no RCA on the back of concert II so i would have to tap into the wires connecting to the standard sub?
    As for amp id need to find a way to also connect it to the rear speakers, aswell as the sub?

    I really dont want to have to take this to autosounds as theve quoted me around 450-800 depending which option i go for.
    (this is without me buying the sub/amp and wiring)

    someone point me in the right direction and id really appreciate it.

    EDIT, i have a 56 audi a4 b7 with concert II + built in sub.
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    You just need to run power, then you can pick up the rear pre-out feeds and remote from the stock amp loom. Just cut the end off an RCA cable and solder/crimp small blades to the left/right and common screen. These can then be inserted into the blue plug in the corresponding slots along with the remote to feed the new 4 channel amp. You then have 2 channels for the rears which need to feed back into the blue plug to pick up the rear speakers, and 2 channels bridged for the sub all running off the rear pre-outs.
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  3. T3nnant

    T3nnant Active Member

    Thank you very much mate.
    i knew there was a way around it!


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