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concert head unit problems

s4mark May 21, 2007

  1. s4mark

    s4mark Member

    Hi all.
    My b5 S4 concert headunit keeps on playing up. One minute it is fine, but sometimes when I start the car, the stero lights up, but no buttons work and there is nothing displayed on the screen, just dead. Seems to work again if you leave it for a couple of hours.

    I thought it might be the power lead loose but it doesnt go into safe mode and still lights up. Any ideas appreciated.

  2. macattax

    macattax Member

    I had a similar problem but it turned out my son had put a coin into the cassete player. The coin would short circuit the stereo each time I went over a bump. If you can remove the stereo and give it a shake and listen for any rattles. If you hear rattles something is in there perhaps a coin.

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