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Concert 2 to aftermarket HU (A4 2001)

ehayde Oct 30, 2009

  1. ehayde

    ehayde New Member

    :footy:I want to replace the old concert 2 (8E0035186) unit with an aftermarket bluetooth/mp3/usb/sd HU.
    Can somebody explain what the Yellow/mustard coloured connector is? is it Fakra? is it for the centre console display?
    I have the facia adapter, with the PC9-401 (harness adapter) and PC5-90 (antenna adaptor) on the way.
    My new HU has standard ISO connection can someone enlighten me with what I will need to do to ensure a "cock on" fitment & performance. ie additional wire connecting/crimping etc. etc.
    Thanks for your help
    I have added pics to my online album to show the rear of my concert 2:beerchug:
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2009
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Yes that's a Fakra connection, which is strange to have on an 01 model, you'll need an adapter to take it to ISO, this part number CT27AA45:

    Also the PC9-401 adapter uses your speaker outputs and a line out converter to feed the rear/sub amp. You'd be better off with the PC9-404 which uses the rear RCA's. On the brown front speaker connector you'll see 2 skinny wires bridged between the left & right speaker connections. This is the feed to the centre dash speaker. I suggest you cut one of them to disconnect the entre speaker as it's a hideous piece of **** tuned to the frequency of a baby crying so you really don't want it in your system.
    You will find the rears and sub are very quiet compared to the fronts because you will now have at least twice the power going to the fronts than the stock HU so the feeble 2 x 20w rear amp will struggle to keep up. I would rewire the rears directly to the HU and use the adapter just for the sub, or just fade to rear.
    The other problem is ignition on. Your new HU requires a permanent live to retain settings and a switched live to turn the HU on/off with the ignition. You won't have an ignition on live, just a perm live. So you either need to wire the ignition on to the perm live and turn the HU on/off manually or wire a switched live in.
  3. ehayde

    ehayde New Member

    Sorry for the delay in thanking you.
    I have printed off your reply and I'm about to attack the system.
    I will keep you informed..........by the way, if the old unit has a "fakra" connector, why would also have a std aerial connection?
    I still haven't bought the fakra connector you recommended from nexia yet, but hopefully it will arrive soon (po strikes permitting).

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