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Concert 2, Part Number?

imported_mc119856 Nov 30, 2005

  1. I'm trying to source a Concert 2 stereo for my 1999 S4. After speaking with the helpful parts department at Audi-Whetstone i was informed that it's their policy not to give out part numbers. I've found a 8E0 035 186M (with chrome trim on the top edge) for sale, can anyone confirm if this is the correct part number for my car?
  2. docurley

    docurley Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    As I understand the Concert II was made for the B6 and not the B5

    Here are the 3 types.

    Audi part # 8P0 035 186 (European spec A3)
    Audi part # 8E0 035 186 (European spec A4, with chrome trim)
    Audi part # 4B0 057 186 (European spec A6, no chrome trim)

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