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Concert 2 installation and repair, maybe?

brys3 Jan 12, 2010

  1. brys3

    brys3 Member

    hi, ive just bought a concert 2 cd player off german ebay. ive installed it and it turns on ok and all the speakers work, there is a socket on the back of the unit which im not sure what its for, people say its earth but it doesnt look like it. ive also plumbed in the genuine audi ipod adaptor. my issues are, ive put cd's in and it states cd error straight away. i remove the cd and try to play the ipod. it states no magazine. what could the error be? and can i get the unit fixed as it cost me £200 and trying to deal with a german who barely speaks english is going to be pretty hard. please help. i have a post in the ice section which includes images if youd care to have a look for me.

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