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Con Rod broken Big whole in the sump Help!!

s3vik225bhp May 17, 2010

  1. s3vik225bhp

    s3vik225bhp New Member


    You helped me out last time when I needed costs info on the water pump and timming belt. An audi specialist quoted £700.00 you guys said about £350 to £450. I ended up pay the specialist £550 as he said he would change thermostate etc which Audi would not I checked and audi said they would not and they would charge £700 for all that I decided to go with the audi specialist who charged £550. This is a bit of a long and tragic story do bear with me.

    Since I had the water pump and timming belt changed the car has not been heating up properly, does a little bit after 35 odd minitutes goes to 70c otherwise sticks at 60c. I Noticed this when went to middlands and on motorway car would struggle to stay a 70c. Got back to london and engine management light went on. took it to garage. they said fan switch, they rekond the fan stayed on always. advised them that I had to go to Birmingham and that they had better diognosed properly. They said they had. Went to Birmingham, same problem got back engine management light on. Took to garage they said it was the tempreture switch which they said could have blown. They replaced the same. Went to pick up the car and the engine management light was on. told chap, he cleared the codes said they had not cleared after temreture switch changed. One of the faults did read somthing to do with the exhaust which seemed strange.

    Took car away last the tuesday, driving down the A406 at 40 mph engine management light went on loss of power then clunck something dropped out car stopped. Took back to garage they say not their fault could have happened anytime just unlucky. That cant be right can it. thinking about getting an independant engineer to look at it

    what you guys think. Im gutted it was a 2003 only 47k miles on the clock.

    They must have to fix it. Can any one advise on an engineer or a report. This guy says gotta do it quick as he needs the ramp.

    Please help (possible ex s3 owner!!!!)
  2. finesse

    finesse Active Member


    ALPINE Yes its diesel, now cry u lost

    those pictures look alot like SMR Engines used to. they apparently supply and fit imported scooby lumps. Turnes out they just clean and re-spray any old engine and wack a SMR plate on them. ill see if i can find any pics off the scooby forum im on and show you lot.

    EDIT: i cant seem to find SMR any more, just google SMR engines and see the bad reports for ya self. im sure this lot are the same bods.
    Last edited: May 17, 2010

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