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Compression Test advice Please..

Shy19s Jul 10, 2008

  1. Shy19s

    Shy19s Oil running through my veins.

    Hi guys, did a compression test, Readings came back 180-170-170-160 psi.

    Cranked it over 4 times the first time, then did another test again for 10 seconds on each chamber and got the same reading..

    Not on an A3/S3 but any advice as far as compression tests go does this sound like the block might be warped? Already changed the Headgasket and had the head skimmed, but its still loosing water.

    Im thinking water pump or a water leak from somewhere else but still white smoke coming from the exhaust when it gets on boost. No water left in the rad after you blitz it for a couple of miles and over heats.

    I realise the compression should be alot lower but its N/a engine that has been turbo charged, Im guessing its fine as its over 150psi but shouldnt it be more consistant? or does this little decrease along the block normal?

    Also took all the plugs out and cranked it over and no water was spurting up through the plug hole, obviously the injectors were unplugged throughout the test also.

    Thinking it could be liners but no evidence yet, any other tests we could do?

    It has left me and a friend quite baffled..

    Any advice welcome, Thanks in advance.

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