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Compression problem after injector recall

nick1 Sep 4, 2012

  1. nick1

    nick1 New Member

    I am after anyone who has or is living the nightmare I amcurrently living.
    4-5 weeks ago the Piezo injectors on my 2007 ’07 plate 170tdi were replaced following a letter from my local dealers. When the vehiclewas dropped of it was running like a dream absolutely fantastic, I actuallycontemplated not having the injectors replaced but decided I better had just incase a fault developed and I was told it was because I had not had them done(ironic).
    Anyway, the day after the injectors had been replaced mywife calls me at work and tells me that the car was juddering when she pulledoff in slow moving traffic. I called the dealer who informed me that as theinjectors were new and working more efficiently then we would notice a differencein how the vehicle drove, however over time we would get use to it. We have probablyexperienced this judder(kangarooing) once maybe twice a week since theinjectors were replaced.
    Whilst travelling to work last Wednesday the car wasnoticeably lumpy on idle tick over, reminiscent of an old three cylinder. Icalled the RAC who stated that they could not say exactly what the issue wasbut did state that it did appear to be an injection problem.
    Back to the dealer the vehicle went where it still remains,one week later. They tell me compression in cylinder four is low and they needto strip the engine down to investigate further.
    I am digging my heels in at this point but want to know, isit all in vein???
    · Before they changed the injectors the car wasworking and running fine, the day after the repair it clearly was not right.
    · The garage is adamant it is a compression issue,however...
    · They have replaced all of the replaced injectorswithout my knowledge or say so???
    · Further to this the original replacementinjectors are now nowhere to be seen.
    I have also been informed by the garage that my car as nowstarted to smoke, which it categorically was not doing last week when taken into them. I cannot help but think that the garage are attempting to hidesomething from me, why change the injectors if your technicians and their computersare saying that it is a compression issue? then why get rid of the injectorsthat were in my car when the fault developed? If there was nothing wrong withthem then surely keeping hold of them would benefit the garage.
    Have you experienced this or similar issues post injectorrecall and if so how have you got on with the dealer?

    Thanks for reading, Nick

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