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Complety changing a BOSE system....

imported_tobycruse Sep 21, 2004

  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm wondering if any of you can help me. I have the BOSE symphony II double din setup in my car with the phone hands free kit and the sat nav, the one next to the hand break. Now when the phone rings the radio is muted and when the sat nav speaks it lowers the volume on the radio and speaks over it. My first question is how does all of this work? Does only the Audi head unit work this way or can others do the same sort of thing? Is there some way you can wire the hands free kit and or the sat nav to work this way on an after market head unit?

    But basically what i want to do it replace everything audio in the car, the head unit, the component speakers, that crappy bose sub all with new and better stuff. Is this easy, can it be done? For the head unit i am looking at this Kenwood:
    If i put this in can i get the phone hands free kit and the sat nav to work with it? The phone is a nokia 6310i and it sits in the custom made housing by Audi. Any help at all would be much appriacted.



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