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Complete iPod integration - not just playlists

path2 Jul 29, 2009

  1. path2

    path2 New Member


    I am interested in buying an iPod integration kit for my 55 plate A4 which has a Concert 6-CD multichanger fitted so that i can use my 6th Gen iPod Classic.

    Couple of questions - so far I understand that you can buy a kit that replaces the 6 CD changer and allows you to create a playlist in place of each CD. If that's the case it doesn't sound very good. Does anyone know if there's a solution out there that allows you full control of your iPod and what you can play - i.e. flip from a Stones album to MGMT to Dylan etc... is that possible? And what does it display on your Concert LCD display - album name, song name, track number etc?

    What is the factory fitted solution that Audi offer, and can you buy it elsewhere? Is it the best solution out there? If not, what is? Also, is there any instructions online on how to fit the kit?

    Apologies for the hundred questions. All help appreciated.


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  2. S3Matt

    S3Matt Member

    I have the Audi factory fitted ipod connection, with the RNS-E unit... and you are right, it will only play playlists in much the same way that my old symphony unit used to display CD and track numbers... no names. Not handy when you have 2000+ tracks in ipod!!

    I'd be curious to know if there is a solution to this too.

    At the moment I have 3 options:
    (1) Make sure what I want to listen to is on a certain playlist so that I know what playlists 1 - 6 are (which is a bit of a hassle)
    (2) Use memory cards instead or
    (3) Settle for listening to my ipod on shuffle
  3. PetrolDave

    PetrolDave Well-Known Member

    Not if you have an Audi radio - the problem is the CD changer port is the only way "in" and that is limited to 6 CDs and doesn't support text.

    If you have the RNS-E there is a way for iPods with video outputs... if you have a TV tuner connect the video output of the iPod to one of the TV tuners two aux inputs and then you see the iPod screen on the RNS-E screen, if you don'ty havew the TV runer then you need to add a multimedia interface and connect the iPod video to that. Downside of both these is that you have to use the iPod controls.

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