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Comparing your old car to your new Audi A3 Sportback

magura2002 Mar 19, 2013

  1. magura2002

    magura2002 New Member

    Hi All,

    I was lucky enough to pick up my new Audi A3 Sportback yesterday
    Specification is
    2 ltr TDI Manual
    Non Metallic Red
    17 inch multi spoke alloys
    Privacy Glass
    Sat Nav
    Parking Sensors
    Aluminium inlays
    Audi Upgraded sound system

    I thought id write a little piece on what I think of it compared to my old car which was
    a bmw 1 Series 2 ltr Diesel 3 door

    I have to say personally the A3 is a huge step up for me in terms of the 1 Series.

    In short I think the A3 in hugely positive against a 1 series.

    The 2 ltr TDI is more powerful and puts its power down better than bmw
    My sound system is incredible and the MMI system is a masterpiece.
    Cabin is well presented and nicely laid out
    The Bmw felt a bit cheap.
    Better use of the space available

    The only thing I could find that was better on the bmw and I am being very picky here
    But the steering doesnt give as much feel in the audi as you get in the one series

    But thats me being really picky.

    All in all

    Im in love with a car and its MY AUDI A3 Sportback

    Love love love it

    Hope all you new sportback owners are enjoying your new cars as much as me

    If i Could id sleep in it lol
  2. deci

    deci Active Member

    I'd agree with you regarding the 1 series steering. Its a really nice car to drive. I preferred the A3 in almost every other way though. I drive a 3door not the SB btw.
  3. XXXCorps

    XXXCorps Member

    My 118d M Sport went because of the yearly atrocious weather we get where I live. BMW + Snow = Tears
    Other than that, fabulous drive but an interior devoid of anything useful.
  4. magura2002

    magura2002 New Member

    Ah yes how could i forget the dreaded rear wheel drive in the snow was awful

    Oh and I think the BMW rides too hard and felt like it crashed and rattled over bumps where as the A3 may be firm but still rides well and doesnt rattle or crash over bumps
  5. XXXCorps

    XXXCorps Member

  6. Chester Draws

    Chester Draws Member

    I have just stepped out of a Mazda 6 Sport 2.2 185 bhp into my 1.6 TDI SB Sport.

    I love the tech pack screen and the fact you have a colour display straight in front of you so you can hide the screen if you wish . Like the Amalfi White colour , much better than my Black Mazda .

    The whole media bit is great , glad I went for the DAB even though it is now a freebie .

    Missing a bit more interior space but will get used to it , missing the keyless entry I had on the Mazda and will miss the heated seats but that is about it for the time being .

    Looking forward to cheap company car motoring and a nice quality interior to sit in every day . Finding the ride on sports suspension fine to be honest .

    Would like a couple of more small storage spaces for coins etc .

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